João Lencastre's Communion 3

João Lencastre's Communion 3

Portugal Lisboa Lisboa
Theatro Circo - Braga; Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório - Silves; Pax Julia Teatro Municipal - Beja
João Lencastre and his band Communion will perform on the 2nd March at CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém, in Lisbon.

This drummer/composer born in Lisbon started to play at the age of 13 and during his career has played/recorded with some of the best national and international musicians, such as David Binney, Bill Carrothers, André Fernandes, Mário Franco, Thomas Morgan, Jacob Sacks, Afonso Pais, Carlos Barreto, Phil Grenadier, André Matos, Demian Cabaud, Leo Genovese, Peter Bernstein, Masa Kamaguchi, Benny Lackner, Nelson Cascais, Spill, João Paulo Esteves da Silva, and many others.
DIRECTIONS: Centro Cultural de Belém - Lisboa
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