My planet from space - Fragility and Beauty

My planet from space - Fragility and Beauty

Italy Lombardia Milano
Via San Vittore, 12, 20123 Milano, Italy
<p><strong>‘Il mio Pianeta dallo Spazio - Fragilità e Bellezza’ (My Planet from Space - Fragility and Beauty)</strong>, hosted by the <strong>Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology</strong>, is an exhibition / journey that, through satellite images and video installations, <strong>leads us to discover the most beautiful and remote parts of the Earth. </strong></p> <p>The exhibition - enhanced by two new sections devoted to atmosphere and deserts and also further expanded in the ice and water area, offers the public the opportunity to see our beautiful planet with the eyes of the newest <strong>Sentinel satellites </strong>of the <strong>Copernicus European</strong> system that have just been launched.</p> <p>Images of rare beauty that contrast with reality witness and<strong> invite us to reflect on the fragility of our planet </strong>that is threatened by global climate change and also shows how satellites can help to manage their effects.</p> <p><strong>The eyes of the satellites send us images of the changing Earth</strong>: melting glaciers, rising levels of oceans, rainforests threatened by deforestation, aridity of cultivated land and the uncontrolled growth of the megacities.</p> <p><strong>The exhibition is designed to attract the interest of a wider public</strong>, specifically young people, in order to raise awareness of an eco-sustainable lifestyle and a more responsible use of natural resources.</p> <p>The exhibition is curated by Viviana Panaccia and is sponsored and organized by the <strong>European Space Agency (ESA)</strong> in collaboration with the <strong>Italian Space Agency (ASI) </strong>and the <strong>European Commission. </strong></p> <p>The exhibition has the same opening hours as the museum and entry is included in the general admission ticket.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
PRICE: Tickets: from 7,50 euro
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