TEFAF Maastricht

TEFAF Maastricht

Netherlands Limburg Maastricht
Forum 5, 6229 GV Maastricht, Netherlands

The world’s leading art and antique fair attracts the best dealers, academics, art critics, and collectors. Everyone who’s in the field of fine art should visit TEFAF (The European Fine Art Fair) in Maastricht. TEFAF Maastricht is a yearly feast for thousands of curious visitors and art lovers.

Dealers and Exhibitors

Well over 250 of the world’s most prestigious antiques and art dealers from different nationalities come together at TEFAF Maastricht each year. The masterpieces they bring along are all examined on quality, condition and authenticity by one of the 150 internationally respected experts.

The Art Fair of Holland

Marvel at medieval manuscripts, maps, coins, classical antiquities, silver, jewelry, porcelain, furniture, modern art, old masters and other objects, originating from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, Italy, Egypt, Asia, Africa and South America. TEFAF Maastricht will blow your art-loving mind.

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