The Tailor Makes the Man or The First Republic Fashion

The Tailor Makes the Man or The First Republic Fashion

Czechia Zlínský kraj Uherský Brod
Přemysla Otakara II. 36, 688 01 Uherský Brod, Czechia
Exhibition presenting a life of an ordinary citizen in the period of the first republic.
Furthermore, the contemporary fashion, which is connected with the first signs of women’s emancipation or with the new trends in men’s clothing that were characterised by so far neglected simplicity and functionality, will be introduced. Part of the exhibition will also be focused on the work of the successful pre-war fashion salons.
The purpose of the exhibition will be to provide a comprehensive picture of the ordinary man’s life and to show the development of the particular social classes in the interwar period (1918–1938). Concerning the presented historical material, the focus will mainly be placed on the three-dimensional contemporary objects and clothing. The picture of the first republic work and social life will be accompanied by some of the period promotional items like advertising signs, posters and small advertising objects of various kinds. During the vernissage of the exhibition there will be a fashion show displaying the most common dresses of the period. Moreover, there will be an interactive corner where the visitor will be able to try on various kinds of attires that we worn by an ordinary first republic citizen.
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